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Krissy Bentley Macro Econ MWF 10:00-10:50 Current Event: January 21, 2011 I find this quite interesting! Furthermore, I agree with this article overall; I do think that the market will grow overall. The most interesting factor is that of the market share. Last class time, we talked about government intervention and how it may assist one market, but will likely skew another in the process. I believe that this happened to an extreme extent over the past three years. The “Change” that people were looking for three years ago when President Obama was elected resulted in a huge amount of government control. But as history vividly presents, such a massive change in political though is bound to swing back as some point, and this point in a President’s career has historically been the time for that massive swing of thought. People are starting to want less government control and more of the market share of the US economy.
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