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Exam1 Topics - ii Ethical concerns when studying factors...

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2040 Exam 1 Topics Chp1. Introduction, Types of Data, Sampling, Types of Studies 1) The two branches of statistics (descriptive and inferential) Types of data a) categorical vs. numerical b) continuous vs. discrete 2) Sampling techniques and errors in sampling a) SRS, Systematic, Stratified, Cluster Know: i) How each type of sampling is performed ii) The differences between sampling procedures iii) When each type of sampling is preferred b) Errors due to sample size and biased errors 3) Observational and Experimental studies a) explanatory and dependent variables b) Difference between observational and experimental studies c) confounding variables d) randomized block design e) Placebo and double blind experiments f) Which type of study is best for: i) Establishing cause and effect.
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Unformatted text preview: ii) Ethical concerns when studying factors that may be harmful to the subjects. iii) Recording data that is representative of the “real world”. Chp2. Graphical Displays of Data 1) Displays for categorical data bar graphs, frequency tables, pictographs, pie charts 2) Displays for numerical data Dot Plots, Histograms, Stem and Leaf plots, Frequency polygons, Ogives 3) Misuses of graphical displays Chp3. Numerical Summaries of Data 1) Measures of central location “typical”(mean, weighted mean, median, mode) Know how to calculate and when each is used 2) Measures of spread (Range, IQR, Box plots, ,5 number summary, Outliers, Std. Dev, coefficient of variation) Know how to calculate and when each is used. 3) Measures of location (Z score, Empirical Rule, Percentiles, Chebychev’s thm.) Know how to calculate each...
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