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Company Description: History: The company originally began a few years back with just the simple raising of minks on farms. In these mink farms, minks were raised for the selling of fur to local business and companies that were searching for this product in surrounding areas. This was a small company that was run mostly by family members that wanted to work together and sell fur. The company was off to a good start, but when the market took a downward turn, sales began to drop a little. The company then decided that maybe it would be more effective if they hired on a new management team and export group to help them get in to different areas of the country but mostly in different countries in the world. Goals and Objectives: The goals and objectives of this company are to raise profits but as well as establishing loyal customers who get great products for a reasonable price. It is clearly a goal for the company to make a significant profit on all products but building customers, especially loyal ones, is something that the company really drives for. It is essential for the customers to get the products they want, but to also feel like they have a family that gives them the best product and takes care of them with their purchasing needs. They then will be loyal to the company but they will also refer others to the products and the customer bank will continue to grow which will profit the company in the end. Core Competency: The company has a great set of skills that help in making sure the operations run smoothly. They first and foremost, have farmers that are very skilled in their area of
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expertise that helps in making sure the raising of the minks will make it so that the fur is of great quality and that it will be easy to produce and sell to the companies wanting to buy these items. Second, the marketing and management team on staff has acquired skills in other companies and areas of their lives to make sure that the fur is being marketed to all areas and that they are effectively putting the brand and the company name out to people that might be wanting to purchase the fur. Lastly, the export team is a group that knows the field well and has come together for the sole purpose of helping the company expand its business. They are experts with the Asian culture, which is the market that is being targeted, and is willing and able to go into these countries and to show them what the company has to offer them. Management: The management team is a group that has worked together in the past and has set goals that will benefit the company. The management team consists of the mink farm owner, who is the main farmer that produces the fur, as well as a few other people that have special skills to add to the team. They have a marketing member that focuses on building a good name for the company as well as designing tools that will get the companies name out there. They have a financial manager that is focused on making sure that the company is putting their money in the right areas and that the income is greater
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Group Paper - Company Description History The company...

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