Current Event #4 - Krissy Bentley Current Event #4 26...

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Krissy Bentley Current Event #4 26 September 2011 Sheriff's office behind removal of children from Powell home Summary: This article details the continuing investigation of the Powell family. The mother of this family has been missing since 2009. The father is currently being arrested for possession of extensive child pornography (if he is found guilty in his trial, he will become a registered sex offender and will be able to have no contact with his children until they are 18). In addition to being arrested, his two children, both under the age of 10, are also being taken from the home. There is a custody battle between the father and the grandparents underway. Ethical Issues: Missing Mother: This issue is in favor of the missing mother and the children left behind. Ethically speaking, it seems like common sense to investigate her spouse as he is the typical first suspect in such a case. Pornography: Evidence of a pornography addiction is a controversial topic; does it truly make one dangerous? Based on scientific research, the answer to this question is a definite YES. Furthermore, possession of child pornography is a much more serious problem- in fact, this type of porn is illegal. Possession of such items suggests that his children are likely to have been sexually
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abused, and even if they have not been, such an environment is a detriment to their mental health and a danger to their future physical health. Grandparents getting involved: This is another tough topic. According to reports, the grandparents have been limited in their ability to see their grandchildren due to Steven Powell (father) insisting that they stay away from the family altogether. Based on the fact that Powell was recently arrested, it currently appears
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Current Event #4 - Krissy Bentley Current Event #4 26...

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