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Krissy Bentley Ethics and Values Current Event 11 October 2011 Obesity is a growing concern in the workplace for several reasons: First, it affects an employee’s social experience at work amongst peers and often is the source of discrimination from employers. Secondly, employers are faced with the costs and risks of employee compensation for illness related to such a condition. Employees: Due largely to the general consensus that being obese is an unattractive and unhealthy quality and condition, there is often a definite separation and social discrimination in the workplace. Those physically affected by obesity are often looked down upon and judged with such terms as “lazy,” “idle,” and “uneducated.” Despite the fact that these are not universally accurate, discriminatory and superior attitudes arise in the workplace surrounding this issue. The effects of these attitudes are low morale and self esteem in obese workers. This in turn can often lead to deepening bad habits and lower job performance. Employers:
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