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Krissy Bentley Ethics and Values 7:00-8:15 T/Th N.C. House votes to put amendment banning same-sex marriage on ballot Ethical Issues in this article: - Allowing same-sex marriage - Revoting on a current law - Handing power over to the people vs. allowing governmental intervention - Effects of religion on laws of the state The Argument for the law: Within the article, is states several times that this addition onto the ballot would put the votes and power in, “the hands of the people.” According to officials, the state wants to allow the individuals within its borders to have a say in the controversial law. North Carolina wants to reconsider this act in order to gain favor with its own people through allowing personal choice. The Argument against the law: Many of the people of North Carolina believe this to be, “a huge step backwards” for North Carolina. This is likely because of the religioun most affiliated with the South- Christianity. People’s moral beliefs are governing this decision.
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