Make Up Ethics Paper 2

Make Up Ethics Paper 2 - Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical...

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Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical Analysis 29 November 2011 Pizza: Our Newest Vegetable Summary: The latest addition to the vegetable group is (drum roll please) … PIZZA! In a statement from the FDA released last week, Congress itself declared that the tomato sauce on pizza counts as a serving of vegetables. This will help keep pizza in school lunches and maintain a “healthy diet” according to officials. The argument is this: Why would a food as clearly unhealthy as pizza be acknowledged as a healthy part of the American diet? The main reason was said to be financial reasons of the frozen pizza manufacturers, salt companies, and potato growers. If those foods were eliminated from the schools’ lunchrooms, it would put a significant financial strain on those food companies as a large portion of their revenue comes from schools’ purchases of their products. My analysis: My reaction to the article when I first read it was, “What the??” There is little to no nutritional value to a piece of pizza unless you are classifying it as a fat and a sugar (and technically those aren’t part of the food pyramid anymore anyway). First off, I hate that this is about money. Based on this act, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started changing basic ethics because it costs too much to be honest or it will make people feel bad
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knowing the truth. Paying off someone to soften the blow or to make them like you will make the
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Make Up Ethics Paper 2 - Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical...

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