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Make Up Ethics Paper 3 - Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical...

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Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical Analysis 29 November 2011 The Microsoft-Bing Dilemma Summary: When you search on Bing, does it just copy the results? Is Bing, the newer, supposedly refined and overall better search engine violating intellectual copyright laws? Google thinks so. They’re attempting to sue Microsoft for theft of intellectual property. My ethical Analysis: First off, really? I think this is a ridiculous claim on the part of Google for several reasons: Number one- I really don’t think that they are seeing a huge loss in searches because of Bing. Google is way more popular, has been around longer, and frankly it’s better. I never use Bing. It’s frustrating and never brings up what I’m actually looking for. More than anything, it’s just another search engine. In addition, let’s define a “search engine.” Basically, we’re talking about a program that compiles all the information on the internet into a few top websites based on your search. Who cares
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where it came from? That’s the point of a search engine! Based on Bing’s research, those top websites that they show on their screen are the big websites no matter what. Google doesn’t own those websites. They are big websites and are featured as such on any search engine that you look at. That’s another thing- Why Microsoft? Why Bing? has been around longer, and I can say for a fact that their search results when I happen to use it are almost identical to Google’s. I honestly think that the fact that Microsoft is a huge company with lots of cash is making Google drool thinking about all the money they can get out of a lawsuit with them as opposed to a smaller company that does the same thing. Overall, I think that Google is being dramatic and hormonal. They need to worry about
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Make Up Ethics Paper 3 - Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical...

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