Make Up Ethics Paper 5

Make Up Ethics Paper 5 - Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical...

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Unformatted text preview: Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical Analysis 29 November 2011 Money: Why rich people want it Summary: The article poses the question: Why do brilliant, wealthy people lose their grip and lose it all because of money? He gives the example of Wall Street and how the already-wealthy officials tend to go into unethical practices and seek more money even though they don’t need it. He argued that such people tend to suffer with a lack of self-esteem despite their flowing cash reserves and success. Also, all they know is how to make money, so they continue doing it to feel of worth. My Analysis: I think that all those things that he said in his own analysis are true, but I also think that sometimes people get so caught up in the business process that the whole thing becomes a big game to them. Money becomes so common that it begins to look like Monopoly cash rather than a necessity for survival. I think that sometimes people just get bored when they get that successful too. The thrill of getting away with something has intrigued people since childhood- it’s always more fun to do something when you aren’t supposed to. It’s an adrenaline rush essentially. Overall, I can’t say that I agree in any way with people that practice unethically for money. However, I think it’s more of a psychological thing than a thirst for wealth most of the time. People just need to realize that instead of actually going through with some of the sketchy deals and realize that it hurts other people when they practice unethically. The money is real. It fuels everything we do. Some people actually need the money. It’s all about the thought process behind it.behind it....
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Make Up Ethics Paper 5 - Krissy Bentley Make-Up Ethical...

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