M 2390 Syllabus FALL 20110

M 2390 Syllabus FALL 20110 - MGMT 2390 EFFECTIVE BUSINESS...

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MGMT 2390 EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS Syllabus for Fall Semester 2011 9 am Classroom WB 107 INSTRUCTOR Neal D. Maxfield, BS, MBA Office: WB 112a Office Phone: 801-863-8384 Cell Phone: 801-554-9974 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: 12:00 to 12:45 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and by appointment. Credit Hours: Three Prerequisites: ENGL 1010 with a grade of C- or higher Fees: $5 TEXT The Exceptional Presenter by Timothy J. Koegel COURSE DESCRIPTION Upon successful completion of this course, students will plan, develop, deliver, and evaluate business presentations using informative and persuasive formats in diverse settings using a variety of media. They will also have experience preparing and participating in a job interview with professional skills. COURSE OBJECTIVES This section will include an academic service learning (SL) component to assist you in finding real-world application of the presentation content we will study. 1. Concepts of Oral Presentations A. Planning 1. Determine topic and purpose 2. Limit scope 3. Analyze audience 4. Researching to gather data 5. Marshall resources 6. Determine most effective media 7. Evaluate and plan physical facilities B. Developing 1. Identify most effective type of presentation 2. Determine style (informative or persuasive) 3. Integrate types of appeal (logical, emotional, and speaker) 4. Develop presentation content 5. Anticipate objections to persuasive presentations 6. Plan for questions and answers 7. Use appropriate statistical charts, graphs, and business data
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C. Delivering 1. Select professional attire 2. Make a final check of facilities 3. Establish credibility and rapport with audience 4. Present professionally a. Initial impression: posture, attitude, etc. b. Voice: pitch, rate, projection, inflection, enunciation, etc. c. Level of confidence: mannerisms, nervousness, etc. d. Word choice: grammar, pronunciation, fillers, etc. e. Cohesiveness and continuity 5. Use appropriate humor 6. Handle negative audience members 7. Apply proper media principles D. Evaluating: Evaluate application of standards listed under objectives for preparing, designing, and delivering presentations. 1. Evaluate self 2. Evaluate others 3. Refine listening skills II. Presentation Software Skills A. Reviewing software skills 1. Use appropriate layout (title slide, bulleted list, chart, etc.) 2. Prepare effective charts and diagrams 3. Use normal, outline, slide, and slide sorter views 4. Add effective transitions 5. Prepare and print slides, handouts, notes pages, and outlines B. Building additional presentation software skills 1. Develop visuals for non-computer display 2. Fine tune slide shows 3. Customize templates in slide master and title master views ASSIGNMENTS The course schedule lists the topic for each class period. Three graded presentations and three practice presentations are critical to your learning in this class. They
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M 2390 Syllabus FALL 20110 - MGMT 2390 EFFECTIVE BUSINESS...

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