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Demographics Student population UVU is a growing school. Not only is the general student population spiking at a fast pace, but the cultural diversity is also beginning to rise. Hawaiian and Alaskan natives have both grown over 20% in the past year, and African-American and Hispanic student groups have grown over 12%. Credit Hours and Awards In addition to offering a school full of students with different cultures and abilities, the university itself offers a substantial amount of credit hours to those who choose to attend here. Second only the SLCC, a more concentrated institution located in the Salt Lake area, UVU offers over 117,000 credit hours per semester, and it’s growing yearly. The credits offered are diverse and engaging, staying true to the newly-declared theme of the university. In light of the many credits
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Unformatted text preview: and opportunities for learning, many departments have earned multiple prestigious awards for outstanding performance in internships, service activities, and contests. Return on Investment Many students that graduate from UVU stay in Utah to begin their careers. In light of that fact, their work brings a substantial amount of revenue to the state each year. To illustrate, last year UVU received just over $46 million dollars in state funding. In the same year, UVU graduates with Bachelors and Associate degrees brought over $57 million dollars back into the state of Utah. Thus, UVU graduates contribute to the economy of the state....
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