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Unformatted text preview: Internship & Cooperative Work Experience Orientation Experience Peggy K. Williams Peggy Paralegal Hospitality Hospitality Management Management MGMT L-Z MGMT 281R MGMT481R John Wilson John ACC 281R ACC 481R MGMT A-K MGMT 281R MGMT 481R Internship ‘Pre-requisites’ Internship Be a second-semester junior or in your Be senior year before registering for an internship. internship. Complete MGMT3890 Career Complete Preparation as a pre-requisite. Preparation Research options to assure you have Research selected the best internship to position you for your selected career path upon graduation. graduation. View the online orientation. Please keep in mind… You don’t do an internship to meet a graduation requirement; meet you do it as an investment in your you professional future. professional The Internship The Is a course just like any other course Is required for your degree. required Has deadlines for document submission. Has Be sure to meet those deadlines if you want credit at the end of the semester. want Is an opportunity for you to practice and Is polish your professional skills. Be responsible and accountable to your responsible employer and your internship manager. employer Internship Alternative Internship If your future plan is to become a doctor, If dentist or lawyer, or or If you are a seasoned business If professional who doesn’t need to break professional into a career path, you may prefer to waive the internship and take two threewaive credit business classes. Before we get started… Before Communication is vital Provide Internship Manager with accurate Provide accurate email address and phone number(s) email Send updated information on employer if Send you you Change employment Reassigned a different Supervisor Promotion/Transfer/New Position with current Promotion/Transfer/New employer employer Remember… Remember… You are the responsible party to contact your internship manager. contact Email/phone/visit your internship Email/phone/visit manager bi-weekly (twice a month). manager Excuses at the end of the semester Excuses about how busy you were will not not guarantee internship credit. guarantee Why do an Internship? Why Build your resume with credible Build experience experience Better prepare yourself to compete in the Better job market job Open the door to a career path at Open graduation graduation Provide upward mobility in your current Provide employment employment Paid or Non-paid? Paid We prefer that students receive pay We for their work if possible. for Some professions require students Some to ‘pay their dues’ in their intended career path before receiving compensation. compensation. Retroactive Credit Retroactive If you completed an internship in a If previous semester, we cannot give you credit. Due to documentation processes, Co-op Due and Internship credit must be earned during the semester for which you have registered. registered. Internship Electronic Files Internship First step is for the student to request the “Electronic Packet” from the Internship Manager or download them from Blackboard. The Student Information Sheet The Provides your internship manager with Provides critical contact information on you and your employer. your Must be completed and returned as soon Must as possible (within 24 hours of the orientation is ideal!) orientation Should be updated whenever any information changes during the semester. information It is recommended that It You keep an electronic copy of all your You forms. forms. You forward an updated copy of any form You where information changes during the semester. semester. Utah Valley University Woodbury School of Business Cooperative Education/Internship The Forms in this Packet must be typed before submission. Directions: Student Manager as soon Please type and submit to your Co-op/Internship Information as possible. Do NOT fill out by hand. Date Received: Student’s Name: Student Banner ID#: Local Address: Local Phone #: Cell Phone #: Email Address: What is your major? When do you graduate? Title of Position at Work: How long have you been employed? Employer Information Complete all company information before submission. Your Job Title: Number of Hours Worked Per Week: Work Phone #: Work E-mail: Employer/Company Name: Company Address Name of Your Supervisor at Work: Supervisor’s Title: Supervisor’s Phone #: Supervisor’s E-mail Address: The Student Check List The Provides week-toweek instructions week regarding tasks regarding Notifies student when Notifies objectives, midterm, final evaluation and final written report are due are Master Agreement with Employer Employer Employer must complete and sign a Employer Master Agreement form and return it to Master the Office of Internship Services the Electronic copy of form will be sent to Electronic each student along with internship packet each Student presents form to employer (HR) Only one agreement form per employer Only is necessary is Internship Master Agreement Database Database To confirm the employer has submitted To Master Agreement, check this website: : Master Employers can also access the internship Employers agreement online (pdf), print it out, sign and return to the Office of Internship Services by fax or snail mail (Marsha Haynes, director). fax The Employer Letter The Informs employers of Objectives Worksheet Midterm Evaluation Form Job Site Visit Final Report Final Final Evaluation Form Final Assessment & Career Guidance Form Current Semester Date Dear Employer: Thank you for your willingness to partner with The Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University in providing our student an opportunity to earn credit toward graduation by participating in the Internship Program this semester. In order for the student to be successful, it is critical that you have a clear understanding of what will be expected from you as the employer in the internship process. The following checklist provides a guideline to assist you in fulfilling your responsibility to the student and the School of Business Internship Manager: Two Basic Components to Earn Coop/Intern Credit Earn Hours Hours 75 hours per credit Completed goals or objectives Completed One goal per credit Work Hours Requirement Work Select a work environment that matches Select your major and future career aspirations. The Formula: For every 75 hours of The employment in a semester a student may earn 1 credit hour of co-op/internship. earn This equates to 5 hours of work per week This per credit hour over the course of a 15 week semester. week Hours Requirement Cont. Hours A student who works 10 hours a week for student 15 weeks is eligible for 2 credits. Students who work more hours may earn more credit. Students may take Co-op/Internship over Students more than one semester but may not accrue more than a total of 16 hours over the course of their college career. Hours Documentation Hours Interns volunteering their time should Interns keep a spreadsheet documenting the dates and hours spent at the job. dates Paid interns have their hours Paid documented on their pay stubs. documented Objective Requirements For each internship credit a student sets For a measurable career performance and learning objective that goes beyond the present scope of his/her job. The student then works to accomplish each objective during the semester. Objective Requirements (cont.) (cont.) Mid-term and Final Evaluation forms help Mid-term assess progress and quality of completed objectives. The student will receive a CR designation The on his/her transcript. No letter grades are given. are What is an objective? Objectives are goals which should: Afford the student an opportunity for Afford growth and learning. growth Provide the student with an opportunity to Provide demonstrate skills and abilities unknown to the employer. to Benefit to the company/organization. Objectives must: Objectives Combine academic knowledge with Combine workplace environment. workplace Be approved by your employer. Be verifiable by a rational, performance, Be or data-based method, i.e., or “Increasing sales by 20 percent, having Increasing a 100 percent safety record for 3 months, or completing the 30 hour management training program.” management Objectives must: Objectives Be specific. Be completed by a specific date -- no Be later than the end of the semester the Be measurable. Target dates are Be required for measurability. Be reasonable within the framework of Be the task, and once the date is chosen, consistent steps must be taken to keep the momentum and to complete the project on time during the semester. project Objective Worksheet Objective #1 Objective I will _____________________________ To accomplish the objective I will: 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. I will have completed my objective when _________________________________ _________________________________ Date for completion: (Specific Date) At the conclusion of your internship internship You will be asked to rate the internship on You a scale of 1 to 10 as a valuable experience for both you and your employer. employer. It is our hope that you will rate the It internship no lower than a 7 in each instance. instance. Please keep that in mind as you create Please your objectives for the semester. your What if I’m unable to complete an objective? an Submit a revised objective that Submit accommodates what has been accomplished thus far. accomplished Create a substitute objective that Create allows for growth and learning. allows Take a NC (no credit) until the Take NC objective is completed and CR is CR earned. earned Mid-Term Evaluation Student /Employer Mid-term Evaluation Directions: Before Week 7, briefly relate progress on each objective. Indicate any concerns or alternations in original goal. Submit before end of mid-term week. Student/Employee: (Generate electronically. Block & delete unneeded sections.) By percent, how complete is each objective? Indicate appropriate percentage Objective 1. 0% 20% 40% 60% 0% 100% Student progress narrative: 8Provide several sentences outlining your progress. Employer progress narrative: Employer must provide two to three sentences minimum. “Good” or “Nice work.” is not adequate feedback. If you can’t make the midterm deadline. . . deadline. Send in the midterm form explaining why the Send midterm cannot be submitted, i.e. late registration and start date. registration IF your supervisor is unavailable… Complete your portion of the form electronically Complete indicating when your supervisor will be available to complete his/her portion and submit the form to Peggy or John. submit Job Site Visit Job Around mid-term you Around will be asked to help facilitate a visit to your job site. Due to work load, Due time constraints or economic conditions, the Internship Managers may opt to conduct the job site visit by phone. visit The Final Written Report The (Required for Internship only) At the conclusion of your internship At you will write a final report consisting of a minimum of 1 page per credit, 12 page 12 font size, APA format (double-spaced, cover page, grammatically correct), which includes: which Any additional duties and responsibilities Any added during the internship added The objectives and expectations of the The organization with regard to the internship. organization Internship Final Paper Requirements (cont.) Requirements The competencies acquired during the The internship and the extent to which they were achieved were A brief summary of what was learned brief from each objective from An assessment of how this internship An helped you become better prepared for a career in business career Signature of Work Supervisor on cover Signature sheet of final written report before submission to verify contents submission Final Evaluation Student /Employer Final Evaluation Week 14, Please indicate how each objective was complete. Include an explanation of skills acquired, knowledge gained, and unexpected results of original goals. Student/Employee: (Generate electronically. Block & delete unneeded sections.) By percent, how complete is each objective? Indicate appropriate percentage Objective 1. Outstanding Good Fair Weak Incomplete Student progress narrative: Describe the completed product in a short paragraph. Employer critique: Employer should write several sentences describing his/her impressions of the completed product. Credit cannot be given without this vital feedback. Assessment & Career Guidance Form Assessment & Career Guidance Directions: By Week 14 Employer: 1. Complete, print, sign and give to student. Student: 1. Schedule exit interview with your CC Manager 2. Submit this form 3. Review your Co-op/Internship file with your Manager to receive credit. Name of Student/Employee: 1. 1. Overall, how does this employee rank with his/her peers? Please select one. Below average Average Above average Top 10% Top 2% Student has demonstrated/internalized new skills as a result of completing stated objectives. Disagree 1 2 3 4 5 Agree Employer Signature: Date: Internship Manager Assessment & Exit Interview Comments: Student Signature Internship Manager Date Exit Interview Form Exit Filling out the form helps the Internship Filling manager to evaluate the program and make improvements. Document submission options: Document Submit in person (Mail box next to door Submit after regular business hours) after Complete and send by snail mail Scan signed docs and send as a pdf file Fill out student portion and forward Fill electronically to employer; final forms forwarded electronically by employer to John or Peggy to ensure authenticity John Final due date: Final At the end of the semester submit: Final Written Report (minimum one Final page per credit) page Final Evaluation Form Assessment & Career Guidance Form Exit Interview Form Exit Can I finish my internship early? early? Yes, but make certain you’ve received Yes, the maximum benefit of doing an internship. internship. Complete final paperwork Complete Submit to Internship Manager Schedule Exit Interview with John or Schedule Peggy (or complete electronic version) Peggy And finally, And You represent The Woodbury You School of Business at UVU. School Your performance reflects on us. Make us (and you) proud! Have a great semester! ...
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