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Presentation outline Attention-catcher: $26,000 How does this number make you feel? $32,000,000,000 How does THIS number make you feel? The first number is THE AVERAGE COST OF A SINGLE WEDDING in the United States. The Second number is THE CURRENT VALUE OF THE WEDDING INDUSTRY in the United States. Title: Making Money in the Wedding Industry Thesis: There are three main ways to bank on the wedding industry: -Consultation -Gown distribution - Jewelry vending Consultation: -Least-risk option - Easy to start - Lots of demand - Low staff needs - Cheap to start - Only need about between $2000-$3000 to start such a business Statistic: The average wedding consultant makes $2500-$3000 per wedding (so your initial business investment is paid off in one wedding!) Bridal Consultants who make a good name make well over $100,000 per year. Bridal Gowns: -Higher-risk option - More difficult startup, but can be maintained once broken into - More difficult to start: need references and either custom dresses or designer names
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Presentation outline - Presentation outline...

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