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characteristics of inventors - Inventors and Others...

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Observations By John P MacLean As the author considered the attributes of Inventors and pondered his experience both as an inventor and one who worked with other prolific inventors for many years, several observations on their various attributes and characteristics began to gel. Please be assured that these observations are the author’s best recollections of his associations and may not necessarily agree with those of the academicians who have researched the subject. The results of studies of that sort have purposely been neglected in this small dissertation so that the unvarnished opinions and feelings of a practitioner might be available to the reader. The author has an opinion of a deficiency in many of the studies reviewed on this subject. Most seem to focus on the very prolific inventors, such as Edison, Bell, and other prominent persons. This is very instructive, however, very few studies consider the attributes of the many anonymous inventors that make many contributions that do not get into the history books. There are many inventors that enable those with good press to do their work. It is the author’s opinion that studies focusing only on those with firm places in the history books are not representative of the entire population of inventors. These unknown inventors are as important, or probably more important than those that make it into the history books. The observations herein are of people who fall in the unknown class. The reader will never see the names of Carl Horecky, Parks Bunn, John Strickland, Roy Pratt, Tom Cooper and many others in the technology histories, however their contributions are many and important. Mr. Horecky’s invention makes gasoline in the world about 5 to 10 cents a gallon cheaper. Let us consider some of the observations about these individuals. Not all inventors have all of these characteristics, but most have more than a few. Dreamer - This is the person who may daydream or fantasize about changes or new ideas or new technologies. Most of the flights of fancy go nowhere, but some result in new and innovative solutions to problems. Frequently these occur as one is drifting of to sleep or just after awakening. Insatiable Curiosity – This attribute makes the person want to know how everything works. He/she needs to understand everything they see and why everything happens the way it does. This curiosity results in exposure to a wide variety of information that can be processed to solutions to diverse problems. Multiple Interests – This also allows the individual to be exposed to a lot of different technologies, facets of which can be combined to produce new products or new solutions to old problems. 1
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characteristics of inventors - Inventors and Others...

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