ethanol problems - WASHJNGTON'JJust" months ago,...

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Unformatted text preview: WASHJNGTON'JJust" months ago, ethanol was‘the? ' ‘ HolypGrail to energyindfi ' pendence and a ffsreen filie'l’31, thatwould help nudge the"""“‘ 1 counay away from ‘clin1ate- t; changing fossil energy, , . ;, Democrats-311d Republi; , ‘ cans cheered its benefits as Congress directed a fivef increase'iniethanolpfseafl a ‘ motorlfoelgPresidentBush 1:: " called ‘inkeytoms Seame ‘ cut gasOIinense’ ' ' ' * cent by 2010; ' , ,:-But'w With skyrocketing , f9“ seeing‘shodcing paces at the, 1 arket ,—Lrandlnmger"itw spreadingacmss theglobe, same lanakers‘ are wander? ‘ . ingif they made a mistake. ' “Our enthusiasmfrfor‘corn - ethanol deserves a second; look That’s all I‘m saying, a second look,” said, Repi'Ja‘ne * , ’ Harman, DCaliti, at a House 1 hearing Tuesday where the 7 impact of ethanol on soaring “ food costs wasgiven a wide ‘ In a dramatic reversal, eth—f 7 anol has shifted from being an objectof widespread, ,_ ,. bipartisan'praise to one of ’ F- derision, even amongsome of its past summers. ‘f ,7 '_ . ,, . Despite the change in atti— V tude, a change of course is 7 . , unlikely. Democrafic'leaders in Congress appear to have little interestin'reversing a -. pro—ethanol policy they, ] ‘ mapped out only last Decem- ber. And the powerful faint V lobby is onthe attack, . ' , “The ink has hardly" dried on this new law when the ., . clamoring began for con— gressional intervention” on , food prices, Rep. John Din- gell, D—hdich,,chMah of the" Energy and commerce Com— ‘ mittee, said Tuesday; But g :L‘x . A tampering with the mandate “would be unwise and (:0qu , lead to unintended conse ' quences,’l‘heconcluded, , ‘ t. bEsERi-J NEWS. WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 2008 sen. Charles Grassley, R-. ‘ Iowa, one Of the Senate‘s two . working farmers and along— time ethanol ‘bOéister',sa1d he finds it hard to believe that ' ‘ ethanol conld be—‘fclobhered ‘7 the Way it’s beingclObbered . right now" over the‘issue ‘of food costs. What does the cost of corn haveto do ‘withthe ~ price of wheat orrice, he is telling people. ‘ _ r I ; ‘_ ' The Uproamver ethanol 1s clearly gainingmornentum. 5 The governorof Texas and . 2B senators, including the ’7' g . AGOP’Vs'pr‘esumptivefires‘iden- 'al nominee John areaskingtheEnvironmen-zf 7 tal Protection Agencytocnt “ this year’s reduirelnent for 9 .v; billion gallons of corn etha- :ml in half to ease, they say, ' " ood costs. ConnectiCut’s gov— rnor recently asked Con— ; grass to tempdrard‘y‘walve .7 therequirement. ' V r ' I 3' ' Meanwhile, Sen. John ‘ Thune, BSD, isgathermg ' enators’ signatures on a tliet- - tero osing'anyEPA ac, on} o ‘tlptig‘attack on ethanol Will eblbcked,” said a statement; g- \ tom Thuhé’sbfficel‘f‘ltwilli ~ the a fight-3? . ; ~ : ‘ N j > Robert Meyers, , éfiieputy assistantfiadmmistra; astontolda'House‘heamg ‘ - . =j’l‘uesdaythe agenCy‘willr-I :7; s; arespond tothe requestas ' r '“quicklyaquésiblerbut ~ 5 doubts anythingwill’be forth ' Coming for abodtthree r months. Theresaregulatory 7 procaessto'felldw;hesachi' - But lawmakers, even‘those Who enthusiastiCallysup Jportedthe’regujréinent-for, v "refiners ramp up ethanol}; 5* .piée‘toas billiongallonsé 7 'e’ , by2022 fi‘oinfaboufl bil» T lion gallons last year; have » ' begun to have unS‘. l " ‘- ‘zf‘Cor'n ethanol was pre, sented as an almost Holy ‘ Ingrailsolution,” said Rep. ,’ Mike Doyle, DPa F‘Butl :f believe its negatiires today ‘ J faroutweigh'its benefits. v weneed to revisit this and . ‘ :baék awayfi‘om‘ the food to ‘fkfilelpolicyfi? I , , Rep. Joe'Barton of Texas, . the‘ranln'ng Republican on ‘ l . “the House Energy and, Com— mercie.Com4nittee,:.said‘he‘ 3-; will introduce a bill to'aban- don‘thegethanol requirement :2: {passed justbefore [3711135311ng back to theme" 32.: Congress enacted in that l em in thinlihishifl haS'aicfiancé. . HouséDémOQ'ratiCléadei‘s l 7 have given no indicationflo'f *‘ reheating from the ethanol v _‘ requirement. Still, said Bar— ' ten, “it’s Worth putting in.” ‘ 5 ~ ;And congressional 11119339, ‘7' , aboutthe food—fOI—fnel ' numberofplaces. U 7' , debate isishowing itselfin a i ' ' .,;.L,.,..Ina'massive farm bill]—. - d fol" tiniéfnimemory filawmakersrecently ‘V t ‘7 trimmedibaCK the federal tax ‘1 V’subsidyfprcom ethanol, reducing‘therax break from a; , * :51 cents to45 cents a gallon. ‘i the Same timéfhoweVer, ; I lawmakers reiteratedtheir support fox: maidng eman‘dl : ‘ prgduction fromcelldlosic ~ : ‘feedstocks—woodchips, ' ‘ {switch assvand (avenger V >ba§e " ‘ 'nigletjcially viable. efarebaprmddes '» million for cellulOsic ethanol research and devel- . opulent. _ . i r g I. And the rush ofhearings ’ 1 Into the foodrto—filel‘issue show no sign ofsubsiding. ":{The hear-ingon Tuesday by , agar: Energy:an Commerce l ‘ subéommittee vied foratten- ‘ tion with, another hearing into the soaflngeost of diesel ; " fuel. The Senate’s Homeland . «Secln'ityand Govermnent . Affairs Committee has sched ; ,ule'd another hearingon food j and filelon Wednesday. ;« * 7 Will anything comeof it? ‘ 5€Nothing,” says Rep. John a3. Shims, R-IIL, during a break in Tuesday’s session Shimkns, whosestate has , one of the biggest ethanol 7 producers in Archer Daniels ‘ Midlande supports the ' ' - mandate'and sees heavy reli» ance on‘com asa feedstock" ‘7 , only temporary. “It’s abridge W (to) cellulosic ethanol and we “can‘t Jettison the. present and not getto the ,fiitnre,” he says, EnVIronmental alarmists haven t given up dflile pred ctflgn2 ZEWM/ 5‘” .‘ WALTER WILLIAMS Now that another Earth Day has come and gone, let‘s look at some environmental- ist predictions that they would prefer we forget. At the first Earth Day cele- bration, in 1969, environmen- talist Nigel Calder warned, . “The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind." C.C. Wallen of the World Meteorological Organization said, “The cooling since 1940 ‘ has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed." In .1968, professor Paul Ehrlich, ‘ Vice President Al Gore’s ‘ ' hero and mentor, predicted , .i there would be a major food ? shortage in the US. and “in the 1970s.. . hundreds of mil- i lions of people are going to starve to death." Ehrlich i'orecasted that 65 million Americans would die of star- vation between 1980 and 1989, and by 1999 the US. population would have declined to 22.6 million: Ehr- lich’s predictions about, England were gloomierz‘ “If I were a gambler, 'I would take even money that England '7 will not exist in the year 2000." ~ .. In 1972, a report was..wi'it~i ten for the Club ofRome‘ 1‘ ‘ warning the world would rur out of gold by 1981, mercury l and silver by 1985, tin by 1987 and petroleum, copper, lead and natural gas by 1992. Gor—i don Taylor, in his 1970 book “The Doomsday Beck”. said . Americans were using 50 per1 cent ofthe world’s resources? and “by 2000 they (Amen: cans) will, if permitted, be using all ofthem.” In 1975‘, the Environmental Fund , took out full—page ads warnj- . ' ing, “The World as we know . it Will likely be ruined by the i would last only another 13 year 2000.” r i i Harvard University biolo— ,- gist George Wald in 1970 warned, “. .‘ .' civilization will 3 end within 15 or 30'years unless immediate action is taken against problems fac- ing mankind.” That was the. same year that Sen. Gaylord Nelson warned, in Look Mag; azine, that by .1995 “. . . some~ where between 75 and 85 per- cent of all the species of liv— ing animals will be extinct. _' It’s not just latter—day doomsayers who have been wrong; doom'sayers have always been wrong. In 1885, the U.S‘.'Geological Sm'vey announced there was “little or' no chance”? of oil being discovered in California, and ' a few years later they said the same about Kansas and Texas. In 1939, the US. Department of the Interior said American oil supplies years. In 1949, the secretary of the interior said the end of US. oil supplies was in sight. Having learned nothing from its earlier erroneous claims, in 1974 the US. Geological Survey advised us that the US. had only a 10year supe v ply of naturalgas. The fact of the matter, according to the American Gas Association, there’s a 1,000 to 2,500‘year supply. Here are‘my questions: In 1970, when environmentalists were making predictions of man-made global cooling and the threat of an ice age and millions of Americans starv— ing to death, what kind of gov— eminent policy should we have undertaken to prevent such a calamity? When Ehr- lich predicted that England would not exist in the year 2000, what steps should the British Parliament have taken in 1970 to prevent such a dire outcome? In 1939, when the US. Department of 1' ‘ the Interior warned that we had oil supplies for only another 13 years, what actions should President Franklin Roosevelthave tak— en? Finally, what makes us think that environmental - , alarmism is any more correct now that they have switched their tune to man—made glo— bal warming? ' Here are a few facts: More than 95 ercent of the green- house e feet is the result of water vapor in Earth’s atmo— sphere. Without the green; house effect, Earth’s average temperature would be zero degrees Fahrenheit. Most cli mate change is a result ofthe orbital eccentricities of Earth and variations in the sun's output. On top of that, natural wetlands produce more greenhouse gas contri- butions annually than all human sources combined. . Walter E. Williams is a pmfessor of act» nomics at George Mason University. ...
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ethanol problems - WASHJNGTON'JJust" months ago,...

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