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Tech 1010 Understanding Technology Fall 2010 Homework 2 In Homework 1, you did an analysis of the aviation industry with regard to the entanglement of new industries that trickled down from the invention of the airplane. We will say it transpires from the Wright Brothers on into the future. After their success several other entrepreneurs began their own entry into the fledgling (sorry, bad pun) industry. What you should do now for Homework 2 is do a Supertech analysis of what you prepared for Homework 1. We discussed some Supertech industries and the reading, “supertech”, gave you some examples. What are the characteristics of a SuperTech industry? 1. The original invention requires the development of technology that is often new and little or un tried. Thus, higher tech than before the invention. 2. From the initial invention, many people get into the action and begin their own
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Unformatted text preview: developments. In each of these there is innovation and thus new technology and even higher tech. 3. In all of the trickle down enterprises, new innovations often far removed from the original invention are required to assure the success of each trickle down enterprise. Thus many kinds of higher tech come on the scene. 4. In all of these developments, the expertise required of the developers increases substantially. Thus, the people aspects become a diverse multidisciplinary set of talents and skills. This skill and talent inccrease makes the whole industry tremendously higher tech. Examine what you did for Homework 1 and tell why you think the Aviation industry is SuperTech. Here again, you may collaborate with one or more of your classmates. Be sure to put the names of all participants in your submission....
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