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TECH 1010 – Understanding Technology Homework 7 Energy This homework assignment is worth 40 points because it covers the two weeks of the instruction into the energy situation. One of the things we study in this area is the potential for unlimited clean energy at a reasonable price via the extraction of energy from the Quantum Vacuum. Please refer to the paper posted on that subject for more information. When that energy becomes available, It will result in significant changes in our society. Jobs will be lost, and new jobs will be gained. Some businesses will disappear and some new ones will arise. Some will stay the same and some will be essentially the same with some modifications. Some businesses not now possible economically in Utah may become major industries.
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Unformatted text preview: Some political situations will change markedly. In this homework you are to consider three areas; 1) What will begin to disappear, 2) What new things will begin to appear, and 3) What things will stay essentially the same, possibly with minor adjustments. Please think of two (2) things in each of the 3 areas and tell why you think changes will or will not take place. This part of the homework is worth 30 points . The 4 th part is to assess whether you think the changes you propose will be beneficial or not beneficial and why. This part of the project is worth 10 points . You may collaborate with other students in doing this project. If you are submitting your response from a group effort, be sure to have the names in your submission of all who participated....
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