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Notes on the Newtonian - Notes on the Newtonian/Quantum...

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Notes on the Newtonian/Quantum model of Human Entity. In the Mechanistic side of the human entity are several functionalities that are governed more by Newtonian Physics. Our body is a marvelous chemical factory making thousands of complex chemicals at atmospheric pressure and 98 degrees F.; a feat not possible in chemical engineering efforts. There are harmonic effects. Every part of the human body has resonant frequencies. Imposing those frequencies on the body can cause pain in the part resonating, or other dysfunctions. Much of the information that operates our bodies is electrical signals and each cell in our body has a voltage drop across the cell wall. Problems in this can cause pain and other dysfunctions. Our blood is composed of red cells that contain iron, a magnetic element and many people report good or bad effects on body functions in the presence of magnetic fields. The physical functionality refers to the system of cables, beams, struts, etc that comprise our muscular/skeletal system.
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