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Tech 1010 Syllabus FA 20100 - Tech 1010 001 Understanding...

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Tech 1010 – 001 – Understanding Technology Syllabus – Fall 2010 Time and Place: 10:00 – 10:50 AM, MWF at CS 721 Instructor: John P. MacLean, PhD(abd), PE (Texas) Phone: cell 801-361-2079, home 801-221-7082 Office: none, , Office hours: Time and Place TBA Textbook: Technology, by Thomas Wright. Readings: Reading assignments in the text are listed in the schedule. The readings are to be completed prior to the Week’s class time. There will be posted in the course room on the class BlackBoard web site, short readings from articles and other sources pertinent to the class subjects. These also need to be read prior to class time. This course satisfies the requirements for a General Education Physical Science requirement. Communications: Changes in the Syllabus, Schedule and other important information will be transmitted primarily by the Announcements section in Blackboard. Students should consult this area frequently. Communications with the Instructor can be with either email addresses above or with telephone numbers shown. This instructor has no UVU phone number. Course Description: Provides an understanding of the operation and application of various technologies in our jobs and consumer products and how they interact with society and other technologies. Studies how science and technology come about and interact had how creativity and invention produce new technology. Covers medical, aerospace, transportation, energy, environment, food and computer technologies. Uses techniques such as readings, lecture, guest speakers, videos, and other effective methods. This course has been approved as a Physical Science distribution course. . As such it provides Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO) required for a General Education course. Knowledge Foundation outcomes include an understanding of the physical and natural world, humanities, history, science , and the social sciences. The course also addresses ELO’s in the areas of
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This note was uploaded on 12/05/2011 for the course TECH 1010 taught by Professor Johnp.maclean during the Fall '10 term at Utah Valley University.

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Tech 1010 Syllabus FA 20100 - Tech 1010 001 Understanding...

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