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MacLean Validation of the Eckstein Profile Invention in Biomedical Engineering Thomas A. Krouskop By John P. MacLean Abstract: Thomas A. Krouskop is a biomedical engineer with the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Four of his inventions are highlighted and his personal attributes and family characteristics are presented based on a personal interview and personal knowledge of the author. The results of this brief study are compared to the generalizations made by Eckstein from his study of computer pioneers. Substantial correlation between the attributes and histories of the computer pioneers and Dr. Krouskop is obvious. The information on Dr. Krouskop was obtained during an interview conducted 29 May 1999, 6:00 PM, EDT. A cassette tape of this interview is available. Downloaded copies of the abstracts of Dr. Krouskop’s patents are included in the appendix. A very brief comparison of the characteristics of another inventor, Philo Farnsworth, is made to Dr. Krouskop and the Eckstein profile. Dr. Krouskop is a biomedical engineer currently with the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His more recent positions have been with the Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, and Texas A&M University. Dr. Krouskop obtained his BS in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Institute of Technology. His MS and PhD degrees were both in double majors, Civil Engineering and Biotechnology, from Carnegie Mellon. Dr. Krouskop has 12 patents in the biomedical engineering area and 30 plus published papers in the field. He also has about 20 inventions that were not patented, but published in the public domain. This was because funding was from public 1
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MacLean monies. All but two of his patents are assigned to organizations that provided research funding. The Inventions Four of Dr. Krouskop’s inventions will be described; two that are being commercialized and two that were not because of fears of product liability litigation. The first one is the Mattress Overlay. Pressure sores are a continual problem for people confined in wheel chairs or those who are continuously bedridden. These occur because the human body is an irregularly shaped object with weight unevenly distributed. On a flat, or even on a surface that compresses, it is inevitable that certain places on the body will be subjected to more concentrated stress than other parts. The restricted blood flow in these areas and other factors result in the development of painful sores that are subject to infection. (Schaeffer,1, Washington, 1) Elevated skin temperature, moisture, and vascular disease are also contributing factors. ( Schaeffer, 1) Rapid weight loss, and deficiencies in vitamins A, C, and E and Zinc have also been identified as exacerbating the tendency for pressure sores to develop. (Schaeffer, 2) Low blood pressure, higher body temperature, and general nutritional deficiency have also been implicated. (Bergstrom, 2)
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valid of eckstein profile - MacLean 1 ThomasA.Krouskop...

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