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Summary The Wedding industry is recession-proof; The industry as a whole is worth $32 billion, and in each of the individual sectors of the trade, the averages are continuing to rise. In recent surveys and reports, numbers were taken from top executives in the business concerning individual costs as well as ease of entry into the industry which were overall in favor of the economics behind this big business. One account of Harold Clarke, now one of the household names in gown design in the United States, detailed his meager beginnings. Starting with an initial business failure with a women’s apparel store in Jamaica, New York, he began again with just a $10,000.00 loan and attempted to enter into the wedding industry designing wedding dresses. Today, his gowns are some of the most widely seen in such magazines as “Bride’s,” “Modern Brides,” “Elegant Bride,” and
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Unformatted text preview: “Bridal Guide.” The entry level is generally both financially and competitively easy. In some sectors, however, it is easier than others. For example, the ring industry requires more funding for inventory, and yet bridal consultants can start their own business with as little as $2000.00. The competition is relatively favorable despite the number of entrants into the business. Due to the demand for wedding services and the importance of a well-formulated program, there is always room for a new business and service in this industry. There are many financing options available to those interested in entering this area as well as an extensive lists of organizations for individuals wishing to become a part of individual sections of the wedding trade....
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