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Project Identification and Selection 1. Identifying Potential Development Projects Sources Approaches Process Deliverables Advantages - Top Down Approach Top Management Top Down - Corp Strategic Planning Current Enterprise Mission Statement Broader Perspective Steering Committee Bottom Up - Business area initiated Future Enterprise Objectives Improved Integration User Department Strategic Plan Strategy Plan Improved Mgmt Support Development Group Better Understanding 2. Classifying and Ranking Projects Evaluation Criteria 3. Selecting Projects for Development Selection Criteria Decision Outcome Deliverables Existing and available resources Accept Project Schedule/Portfolio of Projects Perceived and real needs Reject project List of potential and on going projects Delay Project Current organizational environment ReFocus project
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Unformatted text preview: Evaluation criteria End User Development Proof of concept Value Chain Analysis- Extent to which activities add value and costs when developing products and or services Strategic Alignment- Extent to which th e project is viewed as helping the organization achieve it's strategic objectives and long term goals Potential Benefits- Extent to which the project is viewed as improving profits, customer service, etc. Resource Availability- amount and type of resources the project requires and their availability Project Size/Duration- Number of individuals and the length of time needed to complete the project Technical Difficulty/Risks- Level of technical difficulty to successfully complete the project within given time & resource constraints...
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