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Engaging Users By Kathleen Melymuka (Sep. 24, 2001) In the mid-1980s, Shirley Wong was part of a team developing software for an automated 411 system at a large West Coast telephone company. After a great deal of work, the team unveiled the system to universal hisses and boos. "The operators didn't want it," recalls Wong, who is now the webmaster at Optodyne Inc. in Compton, Calif. The company had wasted at least $1 million on the effort, and as a result of the fiasco, the project director
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Unformatted text preview: and three managers were fired. The problem: The operators who would be using the system were never consulted about their needs. Times change, IT shops have evolved, and many project managers realize how crucial users are to a project's success. But how do you get users to take requirements gathering seriously? "This is probably the biggest problem at most companies," says Bill Berghel, a project manager at FedEx Express, an operating company within FedEx Corp. in Memphis....
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