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Chapter 7 Structuring System Process Requirements Answers to Key Terms Suggested answers are provided below. These answers are presented top-down, left to right. 8. Extend relationship 15. Process 4. Data flow diagram 1. Actor 2. Balancing 17. Use case 12. Level-0 diagram 18. Use case diagram 16. Source/sink 5. Data store 3. Context diagram 10. Gap analysis 14. Primitive DFD 9. Functional decomposition 6. DFD completeness 11. Include relationship 7. DFD consistency 13. Level- n diagram Answers to Review Questions 1. A data flow diagram is a picture of the movement of data between external entities and the processes and data stores within a system. Systems analysts use data flow diagrams to help model the processes internal to an information system and how data from the system’s environment enter the system, are used by the system, and are returned to the environment. DFDs help analysts understand how the organization handles information and what its information needs are or might be. Analysts also use DFDs to study alternative information handling procedures during the process of designing new information services. 2. The rules for DFDs are listed in Table 7-2 and illustrated in Figure 7-6. Table 7-3 lists advanced rules for data flow diagramming. Processes cannot have only outputs, cannot have only inputs, and must have a verb phrase label. Data can only move to a data store from a process, not from another data store or an outside source. Similarly, data can only be moved to an outside sink or to another data store by a process. Data to and from external sources and sinks can only be moved by processes. Data flows move in one direction only.
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chapter%207%20end%20of%20chapter%20questions - Chapter 7...

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