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Project Breathalyzer 1. Do you have a current, credible activity network supported by a Work Breakdown Structure? ± Have you identified your critical path items? ± What explicit provisions have you made for work that isn’t on your WBS? ± Does the activity network clearly organize, define, and graphically display the work to be accomplished? ± Does the top–level activity network graphically define the project from start to finish, including all the dependencies? ± Does the lowest–level WBS show work packages the measurable tasks and short duration? ± Does each task on the network have a well-defined deliverable? ± Is each work package under budget control, expressed in labor hours, dollars, or other numerical units? 2. Do you have a current, credible schedule and budget? ± Is the schedule based on a project / activity network supported with a WBS? ± Is the schedule based on realistic, historical, quantitative performance estimates? ± Does the schedule provide time for holidays, vacation, sick days, etc? ± Does the schedule allow all the necessary quality assurance activities? ± Does the schedule account for resource overlaps? ± Is the schedule for the three to six months as detailed as possible? ± Is the schedule consistently updated at all levels in the Gantt, PERT, and Critical Paths views? ± Can you perform to the schedule and budget? 3. Do you know what software you are responsible for delivering? ± Are the system’s operational requirement clearly specified? ± Are definitions of what the software must do to support the system operational requirements clearly specified?
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