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IST352 Spring 2008 Sample Interview Questions Student Registration System 1. at most, how many times would a student register for courses in a given year 2. What information would a student need before he/she is able to register for a particular course, ie. are there any pre-requisites 3. Are particular student (i,e. seniors) allowed to register before others (i.e. juniors), why 4. Would something prevent a student from registering from a particular course, if so, what? 5. is there a limit on the number of courses a student can register for in a given semester, if so what 6. Can the student see if the course is open or closed to enrollment and if yes and if open can the student see how many students have enrolled and what the remaining enrollment count is
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Unformatted text preview: 7. If the student has questions regarding course information/content what is available to him/her 8. How does a student register today 9. What features/functionality do you like best about the current registration system 10. What features/functionality do you like least about the current registration system 11. What recommendations would you make to improve the current registration system • Airline Reservation System • Payroll System Question Framework 1. what 2. when/frequency 3. how 4. why 5. who 6. organization touch points (value chain, industry value chain), suggests process modeling/decomposition 7. processes/activities have a physical component and an information component...
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