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IST444-Informative Presentation

IST444-Informative Presentation - Good Afternoon Ladies...

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Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, My name is Ashlei Smith and today I have some information to share with you about a Google platform that will help make your lives easier and less stressful as those group projects that I know we are all so fond of start rolling in. Last semester I had many group projects due all around the same time period and as luck would have it I was the team leader for all those group projects so it was my job to check everyone’s schedule so I could form meeting dates, assign work, edit assignments, and then send final copies of our assignment to the different teams so that we all agreed on the work we were handing in. It was a mess. There were so many email attachments back and forth and it was hard to keep track of the most recent version of the assignment. All of the projects were finished on time but I just kept thinking throughout the whole process that there had to be an easier way to have the group work on the assignment. After
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