IST444-IntroInDesignLab - For this assignment you will...

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IST 444 Page 1 Open Adobe InDesign CS 5 software by double click its icon (pic) In the pop-up window, choose Document under Create New to create a new document in InDesign. Change the page number to 1 or however many you want, and change the number of columns to 2 or however many you want. Click OK. For this assignment, you will create your own 1-page bio with Adobe InDesign. This tutorial will give you an over- view of Adobe InDesign’s basic functions. TEXT Select the Type tool from the Toolbox, and then drag to defne the width and height oF a new text frame. Hold down Shift as you drag to constrain the frame to a square. When you release the mouse but- ton, a text insertion point appears in the frame. After you type in or copy/ paste some text into the text frame, you may notice a little red plus sign (+) on the frame. It indicates that you don’t have enough space in the frame for your text. You can either resize the frame by dragging the handle or click the red plus sign and then click any blank space in your InDesign fle. The rest oF your text will be automatically ±ow into a new text Frame.
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IST 444 Page 2 With the Type tool selected, click in the paragraph where you want the drop cap to appear. In the Paragraph panel or Control panel, type a number for
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IST444-IntroInDesignLab - For this assignment you will...

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