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To do your bio assignment, you will need a professional picture of yourself. Before we get to learn about PhotoShop, we need to acquire some basic photography knowledge. It is okay if you don’t have an SLR camera to take your proFle picture. Regular digital cameras work just Fne. Make sure you have good lighting conditions when you take the picture. If the picture is taken outdoors, morning or late afternoon would be the best time. The natural light is more ±attering to your skin. If the picture is taken indoors, make sure the light source comes from the front, not directly above. It is important for you to have eye contact with readers in your proFle picture, especially for professional purposes (which is required by this assignment), I highly recommend you to look at the camera. Eye contact can be just as engaging in a photo as it is in person. The most important rule of an effec - tive proFle photo is that the main snapshot should focus on YOU. Simplifying the back- ground and environment can make your stand out better. Even things you wear may steal your thunder, so don’t put too much decoration on (earrings, necklace, etc). A conFdent smile will add credit to your picture immediately. A friendly and relaxed smile make potential employers want to talk to you in person. A great original picture will save you a lot of efforts in PhotoShop! Try to present yourself in a professional way so that people take you seriously. • SIMPLE • EYE CONTACT FOCUS ON YOU Facebook pictures are not what we are looking for for this assignment. Please present yourself in a professional way. It has become a fact that some employers check out candi- dates’ ²acebook or other social network proFles before they make decisions. So, be careful!
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Levels Levels is a tool in Photoshop that can move and stretch the brightness levels of an image histogram. It has the power to adjust brightness, contrast, and tonal range. Image-->Adjustments->Levels (or command+L/ con - trol + L for hot key) The three little triangles are black point slider, mid- tone slider and white point slider. To make your picture brighter, move the white point
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IST444-IntroPhotoshopLab - To do your bio assignment you...

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