IST335-Final_Exam - Ashlei Smith 5/09/2011 Prof. Jaharri...

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Ashlei Smith 5/09/2011 Prof. Jaharri Final Exam Question #1 - Work Load and Organizational Change A) Group B was an extremely cohesive group up until the business plan presentations. The work would usually be divided equally between the group members depending on what part of the assignments they wanted to do. However, due to a difference in personality on behalf of some members of the group there was a difference in how they valued the assignment. So there was apathy and almost no communication with only one group member which would cause the rest of the group to pick up the slack. B) In my personal account of how I interacted with group B I felt that the need for affiliation (chp6) is something that I always wanted to achieve when I work with a group. So whenever there was a lot of work I would try to take a little bit more so that the rest of the group wouldn’t be so stressed or complain as much about doing the work. Cognitive Dissonance (chp5) was something that I felt the whole group was feeling during our final project because we had one group member that just didn’t want to see our project to the end. His attitude about the project was very different from ours and the result was contacting a higher authority about it through email. Question #2 – Affordance of Different Information and Communication Technologies A) All the forms of communication technology listed above are ones that our group used throughout the whole semester. We used cell and email more than skype and chats but we also used adobe connect for times when we didn’t want to meet in person. We also used
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This note was uploaded on 12/05/2011 for the course IST 335 taught by Professor Carstenoesterlund during the Fall '09 term at Syracuse.

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IST335-Final_Exam - Ashlei Smith 5/09/2011 Prof. Jaharri...

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