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Biology Lab Tissues 1. 4 Types of Tissue (a) Epithelial (skin) i. Cell types: A. Squamous B. Columnar C. Cuboid Simple (1 layer) Stratified (many layers) (b) Connective -Fibrous (dense) i. Collagen A. loose B. bone (dense layers of collagen covered w/ salt) C. cartilage (dense layer of collagen, NO SALT) D. adipose (filled w/ fat droplets) E. blood fluid plasma (mainly water) cellular WBC (lymphocytes) RBC (erythrocytes) platelets (form clots) (c) Muscle i. Skeletal (fibers that move bones)
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Cardiac (heart muscles for sustained contractions) iii. Smooth (slow sustained contractions) A. Ex. (bladder, digestion, intestines, uterus) (d) Nervous – Neurons (in brain sends and receives) i. Axons and dendrites (works based on electrical shocks) A. 3 parts to neuron: • have cell body • long extensions • short • carries message to brain (dendrites) • carries from brain (axons) (Hint: Axons = Away) •...
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