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Biology Lab Tissues 1. 4 Types of Tissue (a) Epithelial (skin) i. Cell types: A. Squamous B. Columnar C. Cuboid Simple (1 layer) Stratified (many layers) (b) Connective -Fibrous (dense) i. Collagen A. loose B. bone (dense layers of collagen covered w/ salt) C. cartilage (dense layer of collagen, NO SALT) D. adipose (filled w/ fat droplets) E. blood fluid plasma (mainly water) cellular WBC (lymphocytes) RBC (erythrocytes) platelets (form clots) (c) Muscle i. Skeletal (fibers that move bones)
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Cardiac (heart muscles for sustained contractions) iii. Smooth (slow sustained contractions) A. Ex. (bladder, digestion, intestines, uterus) (d) Nervous Neurons (in brain sends and receives) i. Axons and dendrites (works based on electrical shocks) A. 3 parts to neuron: have cell body long extensions short carries message to brain (dendrites) carries from brain (axons) (Hint: Axons = Away)...
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