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green and brown algae - C some used in soups as...

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Green algae A. chloroplasts B. autotrophs C. probably the ancestors of modern plants I. Examples a. Unicellular – chlyamydomonas sp. b. Filamentous – ulva lectuca c. colonial – volvox sp. Brown algae A. many purposes (food, home, animals) B. all marine C. some used in soups as seaweed/kelp
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Unformatted text preview: C. some used in soups as seaweed/kelp D. contain chlorophyll for photosenthesis but also many accessory pigments like alginic that help thicken products I. examples a. Fucus sp. b. Nereocystis sp. c. Macrocystis sp. d. Laminaria sp....
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