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Business and society chpt8 outline - ◦ procedural ◦...

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Business and Society Chpt 8 2/14/11 Organizational level – Company/product improvement Industrial level – changing industry practices Society and global- world wide / jobs abroad Teleological theory Consequences Deontological Duties Aretaic Virtue Principal of Utilitarianism – Greatest ratio of good to evil for EVERYONE Kants – Sense of duty arises from reason or rational nature (duty based) Principal of Rights – focus on individual moral and legal rights Principal of Justice – Promotes fair treatment of people distributive compensatory
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Unformatted text preview: ◦ procedural ◦ rawlsian Rawls principal of justice: ◦ Each person has equal rights ethics of care: ◦ ex: feminism ethics of virtue: ◦ ex: aristotle, plato servant leadership – serve others first to be a good leader KNOW GOLDEN RULE!!!!!! Reconciling ethical conflicts ◦ obligations ◦ ideas ◦ effects ethical test approach: tests ◦ common sense ◦ best self ◦ making it public ◦ ventilation ◦ purified idea ◦ big 4 ▪ greed ▪ speed ▪ laziness ▪ haziness ◦ gag test...
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