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Anthropology DP#1 - obsessed with two major things food and losing the weight the food put on you On the other hand looking at cultures such as

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Krissy Bentley Professor Stephen Smith September 16, 2009 Visual Anthropology Visual Anthropology came as an interest to me because of the different ways that the science classifies “visual” elements of the culture. I, being a lover of World art, assumed upon reading the word that visual anthropology simply alluded to the basic arts of peoples such as indigenous sculpture and etching. However, to my surprise, I was reminded that art, especially today, is represented in many forms. In fact, today, media such as video, advertisements, and dance make up a large part of world culture. For instance, focusing on American culture: looking at the everyday focal points of our media would definitely lead one to believe and understand that, yes, Americans are someone
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Unformatted text preview: obsessed with two major things; food and losing the weight the food put on you. On the other hand, looking at cultures such as Mexico, the people there have retained the art skills like that of the early inhabitants. Their sculpture and beadwork (although in some ways modernized perhaps in order to enable an ability to create more at one time) is largely homogenous to those contrived hundreds of years ago, allowing a glimpse into their ancestral past. I can see why this is a growing field: just looking at what a culture creates definitely demonstrates what that culture has a value for as well as reveals many other aspects of their cultural behavior- that leads me to believe that it’s a pretty interesting job all the way around....
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