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Anthropology DP #3

Anthropology DP #3 - Somalia to northern Mozambique...

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An agglutinative language is a language that uses agglutination extensively: most words are formed by joining morphemes together. This term was introduced by Wilhelm von Humboldt in 1836 to classify languages from a morphological point of view. [1] It was derived from the Latin verb agglutinare, which means "to glue together." [2] Swahili ( Kiswahili ) is spoken by various ethnic groups that inhabit several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from southern
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Unformatted text preview: Somalia to northern Mozambique , including the Comoros Islands . [3] Although only 5-10 million people speak it as their native language, [2] Swahili is also a lingua franca of much of East Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo , is a national or official language of four nations, and is the only language of African origin among the official working languages of the African Union . (Wikipedia.com)...
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