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Krissy Bentley Journal #1 National Geographic Article ARDI The article was extremely compelling for several reasons: #1- The mere age of his skeleton (4.4 million years) Is absolutely astounding, especially considering that Lucy, who was previously believed to be the oldest human, was 3.2 million years old; an extra 1.2 million years in Earth’s supposed history is now completely opened to debate on the origin of humanity. #2- The discovery of ARDI has put to rest the popular and largely accepted idea that a
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Unformatted text preview: chimpanzee-like creature linked humans to apes- aka the missing link theory. This skeleton actually suggests a much more intelligent, advanced being. This fact will surely bring many Darwinists and evolutio0nists to sharply question and rigorously reevaluate the theory of evolution. Clearly this amazing discovery will lead to further debate and research. It is truly a huge turning point in scientific history....
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