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Krissy Bentley Journal #4 “I’ve Loved You So Long” This was a French movie with English subtitles. I was expecting something that was super French- you know, like French love, the Eiffel Tower, the works. But what I actually came to find is that France is a lot like America; It is not entirely the same as Hollywood tends to portray it. There were a few major differences, however. First and foremost, the language is entirely different. It sounds retarded for me to say that, because of COURSE French is a different language than English. What I mean by language is in the way things are emphasized and how
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Unformatted text preview: they sound when speaking. French are much more severe when they speak and emphasize things using different tones of voice. I also really noticed the amount of speaking that they do with their hands. Body language seems to be a really important source for communication. The other main difference I saw was in food. In every scene that the characters were shown eating, it was very very small amounts. The coffee cups were the size of a shot glass. The servings were probably a fourth of an American’s typical serving. It was really interesting to see the different culture of France....
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