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Journal #5 - economic prosperity The thing that I think...

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Krissy Bentley Journal #5 “The Gods Must Be Crazy” This movie really opened my eyes to African culture even more than before. I love indigenous cultures and their art, but most of all I like to learn about their temperaments and how they live oon a day to day basis. African peoples, depending on where they live are all so different. I think the most miraculous aspect of African culture is that it truly cannot be summed up in a simple paragraph. It is so varied depending on the region that you are in. In one region, the people live harmoniously, completely unaware of the other tribes around them. In another region, the people live in a city with large homes and pools and follow the new world trends of fast-paced lives and
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Unformatted text preview: economic prosperity. The thing that I think most people love about this movie is the humorous appearance of the Banti people. They find a bottle truly fascinating! The glassy thing was thought to be a gift and curse from the gods, when in fact it was nothing more than a careless pilot throwing out his trash. Funny as it may seem, this mentality is still alive and well today in many different African communities today. The thing is, people call them “uncivilized” and yet they live happily many times. We really have complicated our lives with technology; who can say that the world we have created is any better than the one that they’ve adapted to? It’s a thought that should not be disregarded....
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