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Krissy Bentley Journal #7 “Australia” This movie was a little strange for me because I was expecting some more fight scenes and action with Hugh Jackman. He’s a hunk! However, let’s disregard my disappointment and focus on the richness of the cultural exposure that I experienced by watching it. All jokes aside, this actually did expose me to a different side of Australian life. I knew that there were Aborigines there that resided in the desert, but I didn’t realize how much discrimination and hatred they were subject to. I guess it shouldn’t be so surprised; this seems to happen to all darker-skinned people in all nations. Two of the coolest things I found by watching this is how much the Aborigines depend on their magic men and the rites of passage that exist in their cultures. The magic man is constantly there and is teaching the little boy to “sing” to the cattle or to “sing Mrs. Boss” to him. Also, the
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Unformatted text preview: mystical practice of not speaking one’s name after their death really interested me. To me, that seems really sad and almost cruel. However, every culture learns to adapt to their surroundings in a different way, and this type of religious belief makes sense: if they continued to grieve over their losses, they probably would have a tough time surviving. Also, the rites of passage are cool. The main one is seen when the little boy goes on “walkabout.” The child leaves all their earthly possessions and goes into the desert to become a man. Basically alone, they have to learn to get food and evade foes, such as the crocodile. Despite the slowness of the storyline, I liked seeing the culture of the Aborigines. Like I said in my other entry, I love native peoples!...
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