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Krissy Bentley Journal #8 Gypsy Culture This article blew my mind; I have been interested in gypsies because my cousin’s uncle and his wife are gypsies. I met them at a Christmas party a few years ago, and they were really quiet and illusive. No one talked to them really and they both were dressed very strangely, plus they kept slipping in and out. So this was something I really wanted to learn about. This article explained why gypsies are so quiet. They are peaceful for the most and try to stay away from confrontations which few exceptions. They also like to keep to themselves and keep their culture a secret. Another interesting fact about gypsies is that they are a society mostly run by women. I
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Unformatted text preview: was amazed to hear that! At first glance, you would think that the women are oppressed. They are required to wear certain attire, such as long skirts. However, to exercise her authority over a man and show her dominance, she lifts her skirt. She controls the relationships and the day-to-day in her family (I guess that sounds a lot like the modern day women, right?). Also known as the Rom, they are slowly coming out of an attitude of isolation. The modern Gypsy is much more open to outside influence and to merging more with society. However, they still retain a general distrust of non-gypsies....
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