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Krissy Bentley Journal #10 Nubia: the Earliest Civilization? I have studied art a lot for the past three semesters, and each time I have been taught that Egypt was the earliest civilization. However, in the past ten years or so, research and excavations have indicated that Nubian or early Sudanese civilization predate it by at least 3,000 years. Nubians, or early Sudanese peoples, are commonly known as an oppressed river people. The Egyptians, as reenacted in the Opera and Broadway Musical, “Aida,” often enslaved and stole food from the people once Egypt has risen in glory. However, knew research has indicated that, in their glory days, they were more than just enslaved humans. They were also fierce warriors and, according to studies, were most closely related to modern day Africans. Scientists
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Unformatted text preview: argue that Nubians, not Egyptians, set the standards of living and common religious practices of modern-day Africans. The article laid down the evidence of excavators back in 1997. They found a stone tablet that depicted a number of stars, a vulture, and an azure sky that came from Nubia. They also found a wall that, on one side shows the Nile, and on the other shows giraffes and hippos, animals almost never seen in Egypt. This indicates either that the Nubian culture was either concurrent with Egyptian culture or that it predated it completely. More research needs to be done before it is confirmed, but it is very interesting and, if proven, will change history dramatically....
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