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Journal #11 - within and without the lands of Deutschland...

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Krissy Bentley Journal #11 Language- 1 paragraph is three ways Modern English: Once upon a time, there was a little lamb. This little lamb’s fleece was white as snow and the people loved to see her walk by every morning. This lamb also had lots of friends, and these friends loved to frolic together through the magical forests of Germany. Old English: Hark- A myth of whimsical sorts would I tell thee. Envision a beast: ‘tis a beauty and a youth, pure and white above all! Thou wouldst have dearly loved to look upon the happy creature as she,-nymph-like with serenity abounding from her bosom- did trot nimbly past thy household. Naturally, such a magnificence obtained many colleagues of loyal nature and comrades that accompanied her when journeying through land upon land and thicket upon thicket. How noble her cause! Her virtue was as such to exceed the Earth! Dost thou clearly sight her in thy mind now? Canst thou obtain the vision and her essence? Indeed,
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Unformatted text preview: within and without the lands of Deutschland, none could boast of such happy affairs and such virtuous joy! Ebonics: Dude, listen up. Aight so there’s this chil’ sheep and she so white that society see her baller. I ain’t frontin’- this chick was clean. Her peeps an her like to kick it around town a lot an she didn’t ever so dolo. You can just kind of see how language has deteriorated. Or, has it simply changed? Perhaps now that we can see the gradual change that has occurred in language, we obviously deem it as less qualified or simpler than that of more formal times. But who is to say that simpler is worse? It’s interesting to look at the changes and judge what the changes mean. Where are we going for the future? Is the future more like Ebonics, will it follow texting patterns, or will it stay relatively the same as what exists now?...
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