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Business Paper #1

Business Paper #1 - Peter Giersch-National Bible...

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Krissy Bentley Communications Day Hour #1 Ahmad Corbitt There are several different connections in business that you should make to bring your purpose and faith forward while still being successful: Media: The ability to influence and report affairs is very important, especially in the Church. Some of the connections that the church now has in the media are: Lauren Green- Fox News Correspondent John Moody- Fox News Executive Vice President Dan Harris- ABC News Correspondent Interfaith: It is important to have connections with people of other faiths to build understandings and alliances. Some of the connections that the church now has with other faiths are:
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Unformatted text preview: Peter Giersch-National Bible Association President Eric Metaxas- Author of Amazing Grace Martin Luther King III Al Sharpton- Baptist Minister and Civil Rights Activist We must choose not to be offended and learn to seize opportunity. Government: We need to make friends with our government in order to keep Freedom of Religion alive in our country. Some of the connections that we have in the government are: Mayor Bloomberg: Mayor or New York Congressman Charles Rangel Condoleeza Rice Susan Rice Russian PM to the United Nations “Read, but read with an eye of skepticism.”...
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