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Business Paper#2 - connected them to each other’s houses It took a lot of creativity and truly sparked his interest in radio production Mike has

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Krissy Bentley Communications Day Hour #2 Mike Adams Being in the radio business, Mike has had a very vast influence. He believes in the power of one and having fun! Although Mike has spent a lot of time discussing politics on his show, he likes to simply have fun. He believes that, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This vivacious radio host began his career at age 17 with his first radio job. However, he truly began at age 12 when he and his friends made their own radio station. They hooked up some wires and buried them underneath the ground so that no one could see them, then
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Unformatted text preview: connected them to each other’s houses. It took a lot of creativity and truly sparked his interest in radio production. Mike has met tons of important personalities in his career. Some such people are David Beck, Mayor of Idaho, and Mitt Romney. Because of his connections, he has become better known and has influence outside of Idaho. Again, Mike kept reemphasizing that your job should be fun- do something that you enjoy! Getting up to the drawl day-to-day is not life. Your job should be fulfilling and compel you to get up in the morning. When you do that, you can do great things!...
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