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prelim 2 reading notes

prelim 2 reading notes - CHAPTER 12 EMOTIONS AND MENTAL...

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CHAPTER 12 – EMOTIONS AND MENTAL HEALTH IN CHILDHOOD Emotions and Disorders disorders are not extreme emotions o dif between a depressed child and one who is sad The case of Peter angry boy, parents and school lost control of him diagnosed as having conduct disorder Classifying childhood disorders diagnosis = descriptions of patterns of behavior o usually by means of interview no sharp distinctions between having and not having a disorder o a continuum method of assessment- involves checklists of symptoms or behavior patterns, and sometimes questionnaires filled out by a parent or teacher. older children fill them out themselves How are emotions involved in children’s disorders? 2 principal emotion-based externalizing disorders of childhood: o (1) oppositional defiant disorder criterion: over a 6 month period, the child frequently displays four or more of the following behaviors: loses temper; argue with adults; defies or refuses adults
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