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Megan O’Connor Activity 4 23 May 2011 I have kind of flipped with the way I use money. Before I got married money wasn’t really an issue because my parents had it. Not that they gave me anything I wanted but I could work for what I wanted. I could just go shopping with my Mom and get whatever I wanted. I would never really look at a price tag and that always bugged her. Now that I am married I am constantly looking at the prices of things I am more aware. I don’t always get what I want. I have to really want it bad and make sure it fits into our budget for the month. My husband grew up the opposite of me and money was always tight. He is going into accounting and is very good with the money that we do have. He helps me understand how to use my money and to save what we do have. 1. How are important financial decisions made in your family?
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Unformatted text preview: My husband keeps me grounded and makes a budget for each month. We set aside money for everything we need to pay and little for fun. We then can decide how we want to spend the fun money. 2. Do these decisions ever lead to family disagreements? Yes, at first it was hard for my to be on a budget. I really didn’t appreciate the value of a dollar. Now I feel like I have improved a lot within the year and a half we’ve been married. I feel like money will always lead to disagreements but it’s how you handle those disagreements that really matters. 3. How could such disagreements be avoided? I think that having a budget and plan out the month or even week will help. If you have a set plan then there will be no misunderstandings or arguments....
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