Learning journal 3-1 - hopefully stick with me for a while...

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Megan O’Connor Comm. 250 Learning Journal 3 14 May 2011 This week I learned a lot about motivation. We need to have this in our lives to be able to accomplish things. If we are not accomplishing goals we are not progressing which is the purpose of this life. Having the motivation will ensure us that we are doing our best work on any project. I’ve learned that even if you feel like your situation is bad we can always change our attitude towards something and make it better. We cannot control what anyone else does or what happens but we can control our feelings, actions and ourselves. This will
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Unformatted text preview: hopefully stick with me for a while because sometimes I really need to change my attitude about a subject or situation. I hope that I can stay motivated in school especially in my online classes. It is hard because there is no real reminder to complete the work and no one to punish you for not doing it. I know that if I change my attitude I can hopefully become better with my school work and remember what I need to complete....
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