Mini case 3 - it you will not have that drive I don’t...

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Megan O’Connor Comm. 250 Mini-Case 3 14 May 2011 Motivation can be hard a lot of the times and many people can let that very thing destroy a good thing they have. Sadly in this world many people see the negative things in their lives instead of focusing on the positive. This can create a lot of negativity in ones life and those who are around them. Having that motivation will help someone accomplish goals in their life and spread the positivity. In the one job that I did have I loved and enjoyed it so I never really felt a lack of motivation. Loving or enjoying your job makes the difference in your motivation. If you don’t believe in the work you are doing or don’t agree with
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Unformatted text preview: it you will not have that drive. I don’t know how anyone would have any drive if they hated or didn’t believe in the work they were doing. I could tell that some of my group members are not motivated in their work and visibly don’t have that drive. My opinion was either appreciate the job you have now and let it build up your resume until you find another one. Or figure out a way to enjoy the job more and change your perspective. Knowing you can make a difference is huge and can happen. Many people have a bad attitude and wonder why they don’t like their job. Changing that will help you and teach you how because you will need it at some point in your life....
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Mini case 3 - it you will not have that drive I don’t...

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