News Story 2 - would want to copy what Facebook is doing....

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Megan O’Connor 7 May 2011 Comm. 235 Yahoo News Facebook Busted in Clumsy Smear on Google The public affected is the media and everyone affiliated with it. This article is about the social networking site Facebook hired a PR firm to plant negative things about Google. They felt that Google was doing things that raised privacy concerns and they were using Facebook data in their own social networking service. Facebook has become a very big company within the last few years while other competitors have failed. They continue to grow while others are going under so apparently they are doing something right. Google is introducing a new social networking service and it makes sense that they
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Unformatted text preview: would want to copy what Facebook is doing. In Facebooks attempt to plant bad news about Google backfired because the PR Company asked a blogger to help them out. The blogger refused and then went and told the story of what happened. USA Today picked up the story and this is where is backfired for Facebook. They were then getting the bad PR which is the opposite of what they intended. They looked like they were scared of Google, which shows their weakness. Their PR practitioners need to act fast and make a statement to defend what they did. Did you share this information with your group? Yes____ No____ Did you bring a copy of the news story? Yes____ No____...
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News Story 2 - would want to copy what Facebook is doing....

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