Teaching Schedule for Marriage and Family Relations(3)

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Teaching Schedule for Sunday School Date and Lesson Gospel Doctrine Family History April 17th A Lesson 14 B LESSON 14 A Lesson 14 B Lesson 1 April 24th- C Lesson 15 D LESSON 15 B Lesson 15 B Lesson 2 May 1st E Lesson 16 F LESSON 16 A Lesson 16 B Lesson 3 May 8th A Lesson 1 B LESSON 1 B Lesson 17 B Lesson 4 May 15th C Lesson 2 D LESSON 2 A Lesson 18 B Lesson 5 May 22nd A Lesson 3 B LESSON 3 B Lesson 19 B Lesson 6 May 29th C Lesson 4 D LESSON 4 A Lesson 20 B Lesson 7 June 5th E Lesson 5 F LESSON 5 B Lesson 21 A Lesson 1 June 12th A Lesson 6 B LESSON 6 A Lesson 22 A Lesson 2 June 19th C Lesson 7 D LESSON 7 B Lesson 23 A Lesson 3 June 26th A Lesson 8 B LESSON 8 A Lesson 24 A Lesson 4 July 3rd E Lesson 9 F LESSON 9 B Lesson 25 A Lesson 5 July 10th C Lesson 10 D LESSON 10 A Lesson 26 A Lesson 6 July 17th A Lesson 11 B LESSON 11 B Lesson 27 A Lesson 7 July 24th
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Unformatted text preview: C Lesson 12 D LESSON 12 A Lesson 28 B Lesson 1 Mariage & Family Mariage & Family Gospel Doctrine Family History A) COLLINS B) COTTOM A) Armstrong A) Perez *Class 1 meets in South portion(left side) of Relief Society Roo C) REDFORD D) NIELSON B) Sheers B) Harvey **Class 2 meets in North portion(right side) of Relief Society R E) George F) Clark Marriage and Family Relations 1* Marriage and Family Relations 2** to switch with one of the other teachers. Once you have found a replacement call either Jared Loper (317) 512-6782 or Steven O'Connor (760) 419-2075 so we can adjust the change....
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